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* Wonderful consistency and very soothing to my irritated skin. The subtle olive oil fragrance is a huge bonus.

* Awesome product. So many uses and it works like a charm. super fast shipping. I will be ordering again.

* Excellent cream for treating wounds. It doesn't sting and helps wounds heal faster in my experience.

* I used this product on my sunburn and it was very soothing and effective! I will be ordering more.

* My family uses this great stuff on anything from burns, cuts to bug bites.

* it is a very good healing cream on some soars

* It's worked great on dry skin

* I started using this for sore throats. It worked really well for me. Then my girlfriend got an eye infection and decided to

give this a try. She said it soothed the itchiness in her eye and her infection was gone in a couple of days. It's very

useful and handy to have in the house. I would recommend it.

* My 7 yr old daughter loves this stuff. She uses it on all her owies. Almost no need for bandaids anymore. Great stuff!!

* This is the best stay healthy stuff ever..

* Used this for years. Works great for burns (think silverdine you get from the dr, but better), including sunburns, wounds,

hives, severe diaper rash, bug bites, even used it on our dog. Our whole family uses it, even our young kids. Great to keep

in the first aid kit.

* Good for humans and probably dogs. Be careful with cats, because they clean themselves, and there's no place they can't

reach. It is not toxic, but I did put a lot on my rescued cat's scabs from allergic flea dermatitis, and she licked it all

off and threw up. I think the silver hydrosol spray (if the spray noise doesn't scare your cat and if it's not near the

face), or the the liquid works better for cats. (Soak a cotton puff with liquid, and hold on affected area for 30 seconds,

3 times a day). As with any colloidal silver, make sure to keep it away from computers, cell phones, electrical outlets and


* I love this cream! I use it as a night moisturizer and it seems to also "heal" my skin if I've had a breakout.

* This product is very good to heal infections of the skin and is very soothing.

* The best! Kitty got a little UTI and had an abscess. The vet gave us antibiotics
and recommended this cream and kitty is feeling much better meow :3

* Wow...the real deal for relief of the symptoms and perhaps and aid in removing
the real issues. If you are like me, you have tried various ointments for your
eczema flare-ups. Yes, it may seem each one may help in relief....and may be they
do. But I got to say, this cream has been the best. I found it best to start off
with clean/washed skin where you want to place this cream. After your skin is
clean of prior creams, etc., apply a thin amount of this cream. Less is more in
the case. Be sure to extend into areas outside the target area too. Again, I find
it best when needing to reapplying to clean the skin of the prior application so
that the new cream can get in contact with the skin, especially since this cream
has wax in it that creates a moister barrier. This seem to help the cream to get
absorbed into the skin and blood system better to attack the troubled area. A
good thing to do afterwards, if your effective area is your arms or elbows is to
get a 100% cotton white crew sock, and cut off the toe area, and place it on your
arm. But before you do, turn the sock inside will find it more
comfortable that way, since I have found the regular outside of the sock is
softer than the side that usual touched your foot!
I also like that it has only three ingredients and two of them are as natural as
it comes!! Without all the usual toxic chemicals the other brands have. (The
other brands are like getting injected with toxic vaccination shots with all
those un-natural toxic chemicals and viruses in thank you not anymore for
me! This is probably why I am getting eczema now as an adult in the first place!)
Just remember, what goes on the skin/body goes into the body.

* Great stuff...I just ordered another jar...hopefully I will not need it because
of the greatly improved results I am getting just after three days, but rather
just to have it on hand as a sort of cheap relief insurance policy. When you need
it, you need it and I have it....

* My boyfriend suffers from eczema that turns into nasty little infections under
his skin. we have spent alot of time at Dr.'s and dermatologist with no easy
answer. Silver hydrosol has helped so much. It relieves the itching and the rash.
It also helps heal the infection faster when he does get them. It does not have a
bad smell. The cream is easier to apply than the gel.

* I have no complaints. Service is prompt and product is as advertised.


* We use this for sunburns and itchy spots. My teenage boys use it to keep face clear of acne. I started using it instead of face cream in winter.

* Received my order when promised and am very pleased with the seller.

* Good job.

* This product is labeled for pets . BUT, I use it also on myself. Great product will order again and again. Great for my pets and me. My son has tried this for his sensitive acne-prone skin. He loves it, and his skin is looking much improved!

* Fast service; the product arrived as expected. I would recommend bot product & supplier.

* My son used the spray and thought it worked well.

* faster than expected

* Love this and now don't have to use prescription cortisone cream.Seems to work best for skin rashes and itchiness.Also a good moisturizer.I just bought the 8 ounce tub;great!

* had used liquid  silver hydrosol in the past with good results. however, I find this product easier to apply and IT STAYS WHERE YOU PUT IT! It is very effective for cuts, rashes, bites, etc. Two thumbs up.

* Silver cream really helps your skin heal. I had insect bites that left marks for months on my skin; using this cream healed them in no time. And it healed fresh bites immediately, pain and swelling down instantly.

* I have used this in the past, but it was a doctors prescription. I was so happy to find it online, and it worked just as amazingly as the prescription cream did. I am diabetic and my shoes left a sore on my foot that wouldn't heal a week later (after using Neosporin). This took about 3 days, and I had new skin growth over the wound, and within 5 it was completely healed. I also use this on burns. Great stuff.

* Great for Chickens and Dogs
I have to say this stuff is great! My rooster, Waffles The Roo, has gotten
several wounds to his comb and wattles from my girls as they are in the process
of integrating and he's still smaller than half the girls (they are mean).
I use the spray from this company too, but prefer the cream because it stays put.
I slather some on Waffles' wounds, and I don't have to worry about infection. It
heals quickly.
As long as I have animals around (chickens and dogs), I will always have this on
hand. This is Waffles The Roo approved (this is not a paid endorsement--just a
happy chicken momma wanting to share the word)..

*I have had a rash on my arms for over a year now. I have seen 4 different doctors and been prescribed numerous medications to clear it up. While this has not cured this rash, it has helped in some of the healing nothing else has done. I highly recommend this for helping clear up skin rashes.

* Just discovered this last week at Amazon, researched the product and ordered it.  silver hydrosol is a natural antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal agent......good for just about everything with no bad side effects. This cream has only three ingredients.....olive oil, beeswax, silver fragrance or chemicals. Totally natural and pure. Very healing for burns (mine was severe) and chapped lips.....that's all I've needed it for so far. You can go to the website and read all about their products. I recommend it highly.

* My wife has trouble with her immune system and has trouble with sores on her body. The cream helps to heal the sores and give her some relief