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Product Description
At Colloidal Research we take all prudent steps to insure that you are getting
the fine quality product you expect and deserve. "Silver Hydrosol Water,"
created and sold by Colloidal Research, Inc., is a mineral supplement that is
uniquely manufactured using only 99.9999 pure silver electrodes while
simultaneously being ozonated with our very own special process, using only
pharmaceutical grade purified water. It is then "time specific" electro-
magnetically charged, using a (pre-determined and tested) precise voltage and
current that has been uniquely attuned per volume. This special process, assures
through our quality control department, consistently repeatable quality assured
results, while proudly offering the finest silver hydrosol water available.
Ozonated purified water provides a truly remarkable boost in the oxygen levels in
the blood stream, and does not effect the PPM (parts per million) as it is a
process and NOT an additive.