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~ I'm not saying poison ivy will disappear- it won't. It does seem to help alleviate the redness and ease the discomfort from poison ivy. I have only been using it a short while, but it is helping. That's what I bought it to do.

~ Good stuff. Using it on acne right now and getting quick results.

~ been using for years. love it

~ Wonderful consistency and very soothing to my irritated skin. The subtle olive oil fragrance is a huge bonus

~ Excellent cream for treating wounds. It doesn't sting and helps wounds heal faster in my experience.

~ Awesome product. So many uses and it works like a charm. super fast shipping. I will be ordering again.

~ My family uses this great stuff on anything from burns, cuts to bug bites.

~ It's worked great on dry skin

~ I used this product on my sunburn and it was very soothing and effective! I will be ordering more.

~ This is a great product! It arrived earlier than I thought it would. I love that it's filled to the rim with product compared to other products that leave space in the containers. We used this for my boyfriend's dry skin on his elbows and it worked great. Now we use it on all dry skin. Even chapped lips. It's very soothing.

~ Great stuff for about any sore, cut or scrape. It heals faster for me.

~ Mother likes it and uses it daily on bed soars.

~ Excellent for rashes and removing moles.

~ Used this for years. Works great for burns (think silverdine you get from the dr, but better), including sunburns, wounds, hives, severe diaper rash, bug bites, even used it on our dog. Our whole family uses it, even our young kids. Great to keep in the first aid kit. Colloidal silver isn't for everyday use as the nano silver sol is, but works great for occasional/emergency use. Would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

~ Good for humans and probably dogs. Be careful with cats, because they clean themselves, and there's no place they can't reach. It is not toxic, but I did put a lot on my rescued cat's scabs from allergic flea dermatitis, and she licked it all off and threw up. I think the silver hydrosol spray (if the spray noise doesn't scare your cat and if it's not near the face), or the the liquid works better for cats. (Soak a cotton puff with liquid, and hold on affected area for 30 seconds, 3 times a day). As with any colloidal silver, make sure to keep it away from computers, cell phones, electrical outlets and such.

~ It works! Lots of colloidal silver for a decent price. Thank you CRI.

~ Recommended to me by a friend, I will now keep this on hand

~ I started using this for sore throats. It worked really well for me. Then my girlfriend got an eye infection and decided to give this a try. She said it soothed the itchiness in her eye and her infection was gone in a couple of days. It's very useful and handy to have in the house. I would recommend it.

~ My 7 yr old daughter loves this stuff. She uses it on all her owies. Almost no need for bandaids anymore. Great stuff!!

~ Great product. I bought for my mother in law. She has COPD and she takes a shot of this a day and has really helped her out A LOT . I would reccomend this . I am a huge colloidial silver fan and use it for a lot of things . Including, my face i spray with spray bottle. cuts, animals water, and i have drank it when i had stomach issues which completely solved that issue .

~ We've used this for many years and it works perfectly, for us and our pets. No need for gut-destroying antibiotics when you have this stuff around. Highly recommend!

~ Great Product! So many uses!!

~ I use it on my face twice a day - kills bacteria but gentle on your skin

~ So many uses

~ This is the best stay healthy stuff ever..