-----Take personal control-----


What if the Grid Goes Down?!

What about an infection??

That being the case, we have to admit to
ourselves that it could last longer than
we expect and be much more than just a
minor inconvenience. The best way to
prepare is to start with your basic
needs. Shelter, food, water, the ability to
treat illness, bug bites, abrasions and
infections will be our priorities.
Most of you reading this are already
stocking up on the essentials but have
you thought about what you would do if
you had a cut, scratch or a bug bite that
got infected? We may have to be able to
care for ourselves and our families...
Are you prepared for that? Silver Hydrosol
 Water can be added to suspected
drinking water and sprayed on burns,
cuts, and infections, for rapid healing. It
can safely sterilize anything from tooth-
brushes to surgical instruments.
Silver Hydrosol Creams may be used topically
on cuts, wounds, abrasions, rashes, sun-
burn, razor nicks, and on bandages.
It would appear highly unlikely that even
germ warfare agents could survive an
encounter with Silver Hydrosol, since
viruses like E Bola and Hanta, or even
the dreaded "flesh-eating bacteria" are,
in the end, merely hapless viruses and
bacteria. To top it off, Silver Hydrosol is
non-toxic, making it safe for children
and adults, as well as pets. In short,
anything bigger than a one-cell animal
seems to like it.
There are literally thousands of other
essential uses for this ridiculously inex-
pensive, odorless, tasteless, colorless,
totally benign and easily obtained
powerful non-toxic disinfectant, and
healing agent. You'll find that a spray
or misting bottle of silver Hydrosol
solution and a jar of Silver Hydrosol cream
may be the most useful health en-
hancement tools in your environment.

---Always be prepared---

Life as we know is contingent upon an al-
ways on and always available flow of elec-
tricity. However an aging infrastructure
coupled with a rise in natural and man-made
disasters threatens our entire modern day
digital infrastructure.
Our society is more reliant on power than at
any time in history – without it, we’ve got no
commerce, no communications, no clean
water – and if power becomes less reliable
in the future, the big question is: Will we be
able to hack it?
Aside from the aggravation of not being able
to determine what is happening through tra-
ditional media channels, for the Average Joe,
his problems have only just begun. Our de-
pendency on the grid doesn’t just stop at a
lack of electricity in our homes to power our
appliances or an inability to charge our cell
phones; it is much broader and affects every
aspect of our lives.
What could cause it? Neil Swidey, in a report
for the Boston Globe, has grouped these
potential grid-down antagonizers into three
- Extreme Natural Disasters -
Acts of Terrorists and The Ailing Grid.
So how do we remedy and/or prepare for
a grid down scenario? Think retro – like
pioneer retro- and go way back to when we
were not so dependent on the luxury of
on-demand energy in its various forms.
When preparing for a grid-down scenario,
we must have different contingency plans
for short-term and longer-term issues.