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4 OZ Silver Hydrosol Spray, 10 PPM minimum

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This 4-oz size available through this site only..

 Historical Facts:

Since the dawn of time silver has been used to help fight germs, bacteria, and other unfriendly microorganisms. For thousands of years silver has been used in silverware, silver cups, and silver serving trays and in medicine. Early American settlers even put silver coins in milk to help keep it fresh without refrigeration! American physicians in the 1930's relied on silver as an antibiotic treatment. Today silver is used in bandages and in salves for burns, and to protect against infections. It is even used in a nitrate form, and put into newborn eyes to help prevent infections.To prove how silver had powerful germ inhibiting capabilities, Alfred B. Searle (the founder of the pharmaceutical company) conducted a test in the 1930's to prove the point. In his book "The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease" he performed a test using two plates filled with gelatin. Liquid silver was placed in one plate for about five minutes with the gelatin. The other plate did not contain liquid silver. Both plates were then left at a constant 68┬░ for 48 hours. The plate that was not coated with silver had about 350 colonies of microbes, and the plate that was covered with silver had very few!